Hi, Lisa Nemeth here from Northcoast Promotions. I hope everyone is staying safe and following the guidelines on social distancing for the good of all.
I also hope you are using this extra time to explore your creativity.  Personally, I have been working from home, putting quilt tops together, cleaning my house, and spending time with my husband Greg who is also working from home.
I am working & living in real time, day by day and sometimes hour by hour.  I look forward to this being over as I am sure you do too.  I will use my web site & other social media pages to keep you informed as to our show schedule as this unfolds.  Northcoast Promotions will follow official recommendations on when we can see each other again so we are all safe.
I anticipate when this is over, our events will continue for the year.  If you are looking forward to your calendar year, I am still accepting & receiving applications for shows this summer & fall.
If you would like to send in an application, feel free to do so.  If you send a payment with it, I will not cash checks until this is over.  Or send in without payments so I can secure your space location.  Or just waiting is fine too.
Take care of yourselves.