Hi everyone.


Hope this finds you all healthy. I thought it might be fun to reach out every now and then to share some links with you that I have used to make some of my favorite foods.


Today I am thinking of soups. The weather just turned a bit cooler and soups are my go-to this time of year. My personal favorite has always been a chicken soup base. Whenever I find a recipe I like, I usually embellish it to make it my own.


Below is a link to Southern Living & 54 variations on a theme using chicken. I have found that using my slow cooker this time of year not only saves time, but as the food cooks it fills my home with the scent of the food. This always takes me back to my childhood memories of my mom or grandmothers cooking.


When my mom made soup for us, she always had a lush salad with lots of veggies and multiple types of greens along with a crusty bread. I have followed that tradition.


This soup link from the Southern Living is pretty close to what mom made & I use. They are showing a wide noodle in the soup, but I have also used couscous or wild rice. I always cook my noodles/rice separately & then just add what I want to each bowl as I serve it so the grains do not soak up all the soup.


Stay safe, stay warm & enjoy!