2017 Polish American Cultural Center Art Show Participants 

Sunday, May 21st from 10am – 2pm —¬†6501 Lansing Ave, CLE 44105

1 Northcoast Promotions Handouts & Information. Northcoast Promotions
2 Sandra Bontempo Skin Care Products using Eggs FreeRange SkinCare
3 Barb Celznick Silver Jewelry Affordable Elegance
4 Amy Darkovich Jewelry, Accessories & Bar Ware Brick Road Beading
5 Chanda Dempsey Sculpture Name Jewelry Live Wire
6 Judi Doucette Crochet Breezy D Creations
7 Patty Figula Clay Stumpy Creations
8 Rebecca Grantham Plein Aire Painting on site Find the Beautiful
9 Linda Qualls Antique Silverwear Jewelry Silver Chest
10 Demetrios Savaidis Greek Baklava, cookies, fruit breads Papou’s Pastries
11 Betsy Stepsky Women’s Clothing LuLa Roe
Cleveland Museum of Art Children’s Art Activities Studio Go!
Name Style
Curtail Punk Rock Alternative
Marcus Allen Ward Electronic/Alternative Soul
Mourning (A) Blkstr Soul/Punk/Astro-blk HEART
Seany Cash Acoustic Reggae

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