Northcoast Updates as of May 4, 2020

First & foremost, on behalf of Northcoast Promotions, I hope that you are healthy and safe during these times of change. I have heard that many of you have been able to use your isolated time to find creative outlets to express yourselves. So many of you have shared your hopes & fears during this time with me. Personally, I have found strength in your words & I thank you for sharing with me. Together, even if alone, we can get through this.

As we navigate through the lock down & the re-opening phases of the pandemic, Northcoast will post updates on our social media sites to help keep you informed.

I am getting information at the same time as you are, in regards to the new rules of engagements.

Before we post on line, I will do my best to reach out ahead of time to those who have already submitted applications and will be directly affected by show changes. As I stated last month, I encourage you to submit applications without payments to secure participation. 

For the events confirmed to go forward, we will follow Ohio rules on social distancing & engagements, use of PPE recommended and other safe practices in place at that time. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions & concerns. I am here for you. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. I look forward to seeing you again.  

Lisa Nemeth, Northcoast Promotions, Inc.


Tremont Farmers Market, Tuesdays, May 19 – September 29, 2020.  For the first few weeks, or until further notice from the state of Ohio, we will have food only exhibitors.  As restrictions are lifted, we will be able to expand.


Pending and delayed start dates for the following events

Old Firehouse Winery.  When Ohio wineries, restaurants & bars are allowed to resume business, we will rejoin the winery for our 10th season there. 

Walkabout Tremont.  We will resume at the same time as restaurants & bars are allowed to resume business.

Third Friday Art Walk.  We are working with 78th Street Studios to ensure that when the Art Walk begins again it is done safely for both the customer & the artisans.


Cancelled for 2020

The following events will not happen in 2020, but we look forward to their return in 2021

May & June:

May 8, 2020Walkabout Tremont 

May 15, 2020Third Friday Art Walk 

May 23 & 30, 2020Old Firehouse Winery 

June 6 & 7, 2020:  Little Italy Art Walk