Name Business Name Selling
Renee Abramovich Renewal by Anderson Home Improvements
Bath Fitter Home Improvements
Gabby Bryant Carvanna Buying Cars on Line
Kendi Comer LuLa Roe Womens Clothing & Leggins
Elizabeth DiClaudio Pink Zebra Soy Wax Melts & Burners
Brian Foley Dolci D’Italia Breads, Italian Cookies
Ellen Lehoe Kits Confections Adult Truffles
Crystal Leonard Scentsy Wickless Candles Wickless Candles, Melts, Body Care & Laundry Products
LoriMcDonald Damsel in Defense Safety & Security Products
Maureen Mild Designs by Maureen Mesh Wreaths, Wine Glasses & Jewelry
Jenna Stevens Lietke Une Passion Pour Les Bijoix Vintage & New Wearables/Jewelry
Hanna Reall / Raven Lynch Handcrafts for Healing Horseshoe Crafts, Wood , Jewelry , Canvas
Marianna Nemeth Lilla Rose Hair Bows & Clips
Becky Rook B Rook Creations Handmade Journals, Watercolor Cards, Baskets, Quilts, Purses
Mina Savidis Papou’s Pastries Greek Baklava, Cookies,Muffins, Cakes & Pies
Leslie Taylor L Taylor Glass Studio Beach Glass Art & Jewelry
Janna Ugrhin Outside the Box Scarves & Jewelry
Janet ZarinĀ  Jaza Jewels Hand designed Jewelry
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