Our Holiday shows are nearly sold out – a big thank you to all of our exhibitors! Please check the Event Update Page if you are a commercial representative to see availability for commercial spots.

As of this date, we are not accepting any more commercial or handmade jewelry vendors for our weekend shows in November or December 2015.

If we are holding a space for you as a jeweler at any of these shows, balances are now due (see your individual invoices for details)

For all others, if we are holding a space for you with a deposit, please note “balance due” dates on your invoices – we have begun to release tables/booths “past due” to other exhibitors.

We do have some availability at our Friday Shows at the Galleria in November & December.

For the 78th Street Studios events in November & December:  Still accepting applications.

If you are a jewelry artist & we are holding a space for you, payments are now due.  We are not accepting new jewelry artists for these dates at 78th Street.  Please call us at 216-570-8201 to verify your participation if you have not received confirmation yet, or e-mail at northcoastpromo@hotmail.com.

Individual Show information:

St Elias Show : Nov 8, 2015

Sold out as of Oct 10, 2015 with 47 exhibitors.  Thank you!